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Pumpkin Patching 2016


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that most of y’all already know, #momminainteasy. Last week in the DuPrez home, Derek and I were down and out with colds. He was able to recover faster than I was due to his diligence in taking elderberry capsules twice daily. I can barely remember what year it is so even managing to take the capsules once daily (and brush my teeth amongst other things) felt deserving of an olympic gold medal in Momming. My cold led to an ear infection and by Friday I was still feeling icky. I felt out of sorts all day and experienced a small bout of vertigo in the afternoon. I freaked out a little because I was home with Addie and although she was in her pack ‘n’ play (I had high hopes that a nap would occur), I was fearful that if the vertigo intensified, I wouldn’t be able to take care of her. Part of the fear I had was recalling how horrible vertigo was the first time I experienced it and remembering how helpless it left me #aintnomamagotimeforthat. I decided to nip it in the bud and rushed to the bathroom to grab our first aid box where we keep the Dramamine.


The only other time I had taken Dramamine was on our honeymoon and I’m assuming I only took one because I remember being able to recover much quicker.


This time however, I hurriedly read the suggested dosage of 1-2 and decided I would take 2 to show the vertigo who is boss around here. I had a little freak out because I breastfeed Addie and totally forgot to research if it is acceptable to take Dramamine while breastfeeding (it turns out it’s okay). If you’ve taken Dramamine before, you probably know how the rest of my weekend went. Friday night I was in bed by 8:30 and although I am COMPLETELY against giving medicine to kids to make them sleep, I figured that maybe we would all sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. Boy was I wrong. Addie woke up 3 times starting at 1:00AM. By the time the decent hours rolled around, I was SO out of it. My sweet husband woke up with her the last time because I simply wasn’t able to. He even blessed me later by bringing me some of our favorite local cold brew coffee.







I downed my coffee as we headed out the door to meet some friends and their kiddos at a local garden center that was hosting a free pumpkin fest for local families. Although barely awake mentally, I was excited to take Addie to her first pumpkin patch and I brought my camera along hoping to capture our family memories. We captured memories indeed, and in real life fashion, Addie was not impressed. Even though she only smiled for 3 pictures, it was still totally worth it. I love my little family and although we had a rough start to our weekend it was totally redeemed by my husband taking me to Jack Allen’s Kitchen for our date on Saturday night and by fresh mercies on Sunday morning. Whether here on this blog, or on social media, I am a firm believer in posting about reality because when I see other people experience reality, it gives me hope that we are not alone in this season. Additionally, reality (i.e. life not being rainbows and butterflies every second) reminds me that home isn’t here and that this life isn’t it. We are living with a hope that is yet to be fulfilled and if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Reality causes me to long for Jesus to return. I take heart knowing that the real moments of this life can never separate me from the One in whose presence is fullness of joy and at whose right hand are pleasures forevermore.