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Book Review // Cats In Paris: A Magical Coloring Book


Cats In Paris is a beautifully illustrated adult coloring book that I would purchase for the artwork alone. Initially, I was kind of turned off by the adult coloring book trend because I don’t like to do things simply because everyone else is and I really questioned whether adults would begin adapting other activities that tend to be appropriate for children. I wondered whether this trend would cause adults to become selfish due to the popular notion that we deserve “me time” – not that it is wrong to take a break and rest, but I think we live in a society where too much emphasis is placed on serving oneself versus serving others, the way Christ did.

I also read an article in the news about a man in his forties who left his wife and family and chose to identify as a six year old girl. He was “adopted” by a couple who now identify as his parents and he spends his free time coloring. Yes, that is me overthinking things, as usual, but I find it important to give y’all context as to how I formed my opinion about adult coloring books.

My initial opinion aside, I have to recommend this book to anyone who has an appreciation for art. Honestly I have yet to color in the book because the illustrations are fun to look at and the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to mess them up (silly, I know!). My husband even found the book intriguing and wants to color in it with me #datenight.

I love the inviting color and design of the cover.

Overall, Cats in Paris is truly the cat’s meow (sorry I had to).


I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my review.

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