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Book Review // Money Making Mom

It all started with a car accident back in November. It was my first major car accident and I was pregnant while it happened and I don’t really like talking about. What I am thankful for is the time it gave me which allowed me to really seek the Lord and trust Him during an uneasy trial. 

That day after the accident I received an email devotion from my mom and it was written by a woman named Crystal Paine. The email was timely and just happened to be titled “When You Feel Desperate & Discouraged.” In the devotional, Crystal described how she was discouraged at one point not knowing how the Lord would provide for her family – she just happened to be pregnant during that period in time, just like I was when I read the email.
My mom followed the devotional with, “I am going to get you her two books. Love you, Mom.”
Prior to this, I had never heard of Crystal Paine. Since I was without a car for a while, I had time to read Crystal’s book and begin applying some of the principles she offers to women who are trying to earn more and make a difference.
Reading Money Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make A Difference, really challenged me to get creative with our finances. Crystal doesn’t mention options like Ebates and Raise in her book, but by reading it, I was encouraged to find ways to begin building a residual income. I’m challenging myself to work hard at this so we are able to buy diapers for our daughter without using money from our regular budget.
One of the options she does mention is UserTesting.com which allows individuals to test out apps and websites for clients while at home. Each test is supposed to be about 15-20 minutes and pays $10. So far I have made $30 from UserTesting – not a ton but every bit helps.
Although I was hoping that the book would have included more of a Biblical lens, I’m still thankful for what I’ve leaned by reading it. I recommend the book to any woman who is looking for ways to create a residual income, especially by starting her own business or through monetizing a blog.
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