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Book Review // Raising Men Not Boys

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When I saw via a Facebook post that Pastor Mike Fabarez was writing a book on parenting boys and was looking for members to join the book launch team, I was really excited to sign up. I saw in the comments on the post that women were tagging men in their lives who they thought should sign up to read it and I wondered why they themselves weren’t signing up for it. I was a bit discouraged as I wondered if women would be accepted on the launch team so I decided to apply and find out. I was quite skeptical about the status of my application since I don’t have any sons but was ecstatic to learn that I made it on the team.

Part of being on the launch team means that I, along with the team, have been able to participate in Facebook live sessions with Pastor Mike regarding Raising Men Not Boys. It’s been really fun to hear his heart behind writing the book and I was thankful to learn that he actually is hoping moms will get a hold of this book and share what they learn with their husbands. My husband and I thought it would be fun to read Raising Men Not Boys together to cultivate conversations around parenting that we might not have otherwise. We don’t currently have a son, yet it’s been a delight to read Pastor Mike’s perspective and learn from his wise Biblical counsel. Although the book is targeted toward raising boys, there are Biblical applications which are appropriate for raising children in general.

Raising Men, Not Boys – A New Book by Mike Fabarez from Compass Bible Church on Vimeo.

We haven’t completed reading the book just yet, but at just a few pages in, we have both learned so much. I’m excited to share a few of the insights we’ve gained so far and will update this review with more once we’ve completed Raising Men Not Boys.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the intro and Chapter One:

  • “Our kids, especially our boys, need to be nurtured and fostered by a larger community of shared values. That, of course, is what the church is to provide us as Christians,” (pg. 13).
  • “God is jealous for our boys to become men who truly know Him (James 4:4-5). As parents, this must be our ultimate goal for our sons,” (pg. 23).

The intro to the book contains a section titled, “Spiritual Common Sense,” in which Pastor Mike establishes the difference between the certain application of God’s word (truths that we can be sure of from Scripture) versus possible application of God’s word (using wisdom to guide decisions that the Bible doesn’t necessarily give mandated instruction for).

He informs readers that this book contains both types of application which is important because 1), It demonstrates that all of God’s word is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness and 2), It serves as a reminder to readers that Scripture is sufficient to inform all areas of life even though there may not be a specific command for each and every situation.

Raising Men Not Boys is a desperately needed book in this day and age in which there is so much confusion about God’s design for men and women. Offering insight on topics ranging from technology use to curfews, this book is what I refer to as Parenting Gold. If you have been looking for a book that will provide you with Biblical wisdom when it comes to raising young men, look no further.

Whether you have sons, may have sons, are a son or know someone who has sons, this book is for you. I give Raising Men Not Boys my highest recommendation and look forward to reading more from Pastor Mike.

You can read the first 3 chapters of Raising Men Not Boys for free here.


Raising Men Not Boys is available now at Amazon and all other major booksellers.


I received Raising Men Not Boys compliments of Moody Publishers in exchange for my participation on the launch team.

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