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Book Review // A Woman Overwhelmed

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A Woman Overwhelmed: Finding God in the Messes of Life is the latest from author Hayley DiMarco. I first became familiar with Hayley when I read her book The Fruitful Wife. I really enjoyed The Fruitful Wife and am thankful for the impact it’s had on my marriage but with A Woman Overwhelmed I didn’t quite feel the same way. With 31 brief chapters, A Woman Overwhelmed reads like a devotional type book although it is not one. When I first received my copy of the book, I found this aspect confusing because I wasn’t quite sure what the intention of the book is.

Through the 31 chapters, Hayley takes women through various scenarios in which she’s experienced feeling overwhelmed and how she responded. I did enjoy reading these as I found them very relatable. I also deeply appreciated the questions Hayley provided at the end of each chapter to get to the heart behind why women feel overwhelmed and how they can respond to these feelings in a godly manner. The questions, however, often did not seem to relate to the scenarios Hayley described, which I also found to be a bit confusing. Overall, I’m thankful for Hayley’s heart to point women to God and His Word, and while I did find aspects of this book enjoyable I don’t know that I necessarily view it as a must read.

If you are a woman who has wrestled though living a life overwhelmed by worldly cares rather than Godly ones, I do believe that the questions in this book may be helpful to you. Consider however, that they may not necessarily flow with or relate to the content of the chapter.

A Woman Overwhelmed is available now at all major booksellers.

I received A Woman Overwhelmed compliments of Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

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