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Book Review // She’s Got the Wrong Guy

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When I received an email notifying me of the release of Deepak Reju’s latest book, She’s Got the Wrong Guy, my interest was very much piqued. Being one with poor experiences in dating and not marrying until the old age of 26 (at least it seems old when you’re single in the church), I had an inkling this book would be profound and my hunch was right. Reju beings the book by stating, “. . . in the midst of the contemporary challenges to dating and marriage, the greatest need for a single woman is to ground her life in Christ,” (pg. 1 ). I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment and realized that it is true even for me although my relationship status is different.

This book is divided into three parts titled, From Problems to Faith, Am I Dating the Wrong Guy? and The Quest for A Godly Man. A majority of the book explores 10 different types of guys women encounter while dating that make poor choices for a mate. Some of the types of guys mentioned include The Control Freak, The Unbeliever, The Angry Man, The Commitment-Phobic Man and The Passive Man. I really enjoyed this section and desperately wished that this book was around during my dating days.

Reju’s content is derived from his experience as a pastor and biblical counselor and he draws his examples from situations he has helped others work through. He is also a husband and a dad and as I read, I could tell that these roles have shaped his thoughts on the grey area of dating. This book is FULL of Scripture references throughout each chapter and through a tough yet tender tone, it is made patent that Reju cares deeply for his sisters in Christ and wants what is best for them when it comes to romantic relationships.

One aspect of this book that I really appreciate is Reju asks hard questions and that makes this a necessary resource. An example of this is found on page 7 where he wrote, “From the outset, it helps to be honest – as a woman, is your deepest desire for a husband, or for Christ? In a confusing world of dating, amongst the many challenges to women the twenty-first century, your starting point needs to be clear dependence on Christ.”

Often, there are many single women who love the Lord but due to various circumstances may not have someone to walk alongside them in the pursuit of dating and ask the hard questions. To that end, I am excited to see how this book encourages single women to pursue a man who loves Jesus more than them and encourages single men to pursue women in a way that honors God.

If you are single or have been and you love Jesus, this book is a must read. She’s Got the Wrong Guy is chalk full of Biblical encouragement for men and women both single and married. Reading this book is a great way to show our care for the singles in our midst, especially in the church. Encouraging the single ladies in our churches to read it and take heed is a great way to protect their hearts and help them navigate the murky waters of dating.

She’s Got the Wrong Guy is available now at all major booksellers.

I received She’s Got the Wrong Guy compliments of Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.



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