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Book Review // Imperfect Justice

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When presented with the opportunity to participate in the blog tour for Cara Putman’s latest legal thriller, Imperfect Justice, I couldn’t refuse. Growing up, I read all of the original Nancy Drew mystery novels and have always loved the challenge in employing my deductive reasoning. I tend to heavily read non-fiction so the opportunity to read fiction was very compelling for me.

Imperfect Justice is the story of attorney Emilie Wesley who works for an organization that helps women leave abusive relationships. Throughout her career, Emilie has been very successful until one client, Kaylene Adams, is reported to have killed one of her two daughters and winds up dead herself. Having counseled Kaylene through the process of leaving her harsh, controlling husband, Emilie suspects that when it comes to the deaths, there may be more going on than what meets the eye. The evidence presented to the public appears convincing, but Emilie is not sold.

Prior to her death, Kaylene left a few boxes of personal items with her brother Reid Billings and firmly instructed him not to go through them. Upon her death however, Reid disregards Kaylene’s instructions and discovers a letter directing him to reach out to Emilie for assistance. Reid and Emilie begin examining the evidence of all that has occurred with the deaths of Kaylene and her daughter and work together toward Reid acquiring custody of his one remaining niece. Romance begins to blossom between the pair and what they ultimately discover in search of the truth is shocking. (Naturally, you will need to read it for yourself to learn what that is!)

The main characters in Imperfect Justice are Christians which is really refreshing because while the novel has hints of romance, it isn’t the least bit trashy. Imperfect Justice is a compelling and enjoyable read. I  highly recommend Imperfect Justice and look forward to reading more legal thrillers from Putman in the future.

Imperfect Justice is available now at all major booksellers.

I received Imperfect Justice compliments of Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

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