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Toddler Gift Guide

Regarding purchasing gifts for Christmas, my friend Brittany recently posed these insightful questions in an Instagram post:

“. . . have you thought about who you’re buying from?

What you’re supporting with your purchase?

Does that company care about the people who makes their product?”

Although we had purchased Christmas gifts for our one year old prior to my reading this, I realized that I was able to answer these questions affirmatively. I’ve been unsure what it would look like for our family to begin our own Christmas traditions, including gift buying. The want, need, wear, read idea is one that I really like and hope to employ in years to come however, it didn’t seem applicable to this season with an almost two year old whose wants and needs have, for the most part, been met. 

I wondered what we could give Addie that would truly be meaningful yet affordable. After having experienced unemployment twice this year, and living out of one bedroom in the process, we don’t want to acquire stuff for the sake of materialism and tradition.

Truly, ultimately, the only thing Addie needs is salvation from her sin through Jesus alone. She needs to be made right with God through Christ and while I can’t save her, I can point her to the One who does. This holiday season, I’m so thankful for the plethora of resources designed for children that assist me in the process. You will find our favorite resources/gifts in the list provided below.

SIDE NOTE: We aren’t weird parents that just buy “Christian” gifts for our kids. We are (a tiny bit) normal too! Some of our favorite stocking stuffers are from Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Only store and include:

  • Bubbles
  • Plastic Disney character figurines (we got Goofy and Donald Duck for Addie)
  • Balls
  • Stickers
  • Balloons

I also saw this at a local discount store yesterday and since Addie’s favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we may just have to get it for her!

Do you have a gift giving philosophy? If so, drop a comment below, I’d love to read all about it!

If you want to learn more about the resources pictured and mentioned below,

simply click on the title or the image.




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